Checklist for the Ukrainian language learners

Learning a new language is a very exciting, but challenging goal. If you want to start learning the beautiful Ukrainian language, this article is the solution for you. Also if you have already started the journey to one of the most melodic languages in the world, but don`t have the fixed plan or any progress – keep reading, because I have written something very special for you. 

I am eager to make the process of learning Ukrainian easier and more productive for you. On the basis of my 3 years of teaching experience, I have collected many notes and ideas for my students that you can see in this checklist.

The 2020 checklist for the Ukrainian language lovers

I was thinking about the ideal Christmas gift for my followers.  I would like to share with you my support and knowledge. Are you ready for your gift? But first of all, I would like to ask you a question – Which of the below are you doing, or have you done? Check them out and try to use them in practice. 


At an early stage, you should set a realistic goal. For instance, I have a Ukrainian family or friends and want to be able to communicate with them easily. You might think about achieving a good conversational level. Yes, it is important to pay more attention to the dialogues and conversations, but it is not enough. The language should be studied in all aspects. 


  • buy an ABC book for kids and read all phonetic exercises over;
  • test your hearing of distinguishing constants, vowels, syllables;
  • identify your pronunciation difficulties;
  • read the tongue-twisters;
  • check your progress by dictating Ukrainian sounds or words to a native speaker.


  • try to listen more to the live Ukrainian speech;
  • listen to Ukrainian music, radio, TV shows, YouTube, etc.;
  • watch and listen to useful video lessons;
  • listen and repeat, listen and repeat, listen and repeat;
  •  listen for grammatical forms.


  • read by sounding out the word syllable by syllable;
  • pay attention to the word stress;
  • notice word order and grammar pattern while reading; 
  • read carefully in normal tempo;
  • read titles, articles, newspapers, short stories in Ukrainian, etc.;
  • start reading books from the pre-intermediate level, try to get the main idea and the grammar constructions. 


  • learn 10-15 new words every day; 
  • repeat new words in speaking and writing; 
  • use words in short combinations of words, sentences, dialogues, stories;
  • list new words by topics; 
  • check online dictionaries for the meanings of the words; 
  • study variant forms of prefixes, roots, suffixes in words.


  • learn the cases and verb`s conjugation;
  • compare Ukrainian word order with your native language;
  • practice grammar in during the conversation;
  • listen for grammar;
  • do grammar exercises;
  • check your progress with the summary test.


  • start speaking Ukrainian a lot – speak to your mind, speak to your Ukrainian relatives or friends, etc.;
  • find a language partner from Ukraine;
  • name the things around you in Ukrainian, e.g. you wake up in the morning and describe what you can see – ліжко, кімната, стіл, стілець, шафа, etc.
  • record yourself on the voice recorder, e.g. choose the topic, express your opinion, record it, ask a native speaker to listen to it and analyze it;
  • listen to the Ukrainian dialogues and repeat after the speakers. If you need some audio materials, write to me and I will send you some=)


  • use the Ukrainian keyboard, you can buy it here for your laptop or just add it on your smartphone/tablet;
  • if you are a student of Ukrainian university and you need to have writing skills, then you should learn cursive writing or italics calligraphy;
  • write down your homework, because it won`t bring good results if you do it orally;
  • write down Ukrainian vocabulary with the translation into your native language. It will help to remember the words better;
    write letters, personal stories, essays, etc.


  • word hard on your homework assignments;
  • take it seriously and don`t do it as fast as it is possible;
  • the more you put into it, the more you get out of it!
  • at classes a teacher gives you theory and rules, your task is to practice and use them in conversations;
  • correct and analyze your mistakes.

Never give up!

  • always remember about your goal! Put a photo of your Ukrainian family on your desk and just imagine how you will speak Ukrainian with them fluently in a cozy Lviv coffee shop;
  • practice make perfect! Practice every day;
  • organize your time and the study plan well;
  • don’t afraid to make mistakes or have a conversation even if you are a complete beginner;
  • take a Ukrainian language course, if you eager –to achieve your goal as soon as possible;
    – to save your time, energy and money;
    – to get a customized course that suit to your needs;
    – to have a tutor who can always give you support and put you on the – right path to the beautiful Ukrainian language.

This is my checklist for Ukrainian language learners in the next 2019! It is very intensive, so let`s make a plan for you! It is very important to learn the language in a complex. So, I recommend you to try different elements out.

Leave a comment below what elements did you choose? What is most important for you in learning the Ukrainian language?  

Author: Inna Samoilova, Founder & CEO of online school “Speak Ukrainian”, Content creator, Blogger


Inna Sopronchuk is a professional native Ukrainian teacher with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Linguistics. Inna is the Founder, CEO, and content creator of the online language school “Speak Ukrainian”.For the last 6 years, Inna taught more than 130 students from 26 nations to speak Ukrainian. Inna recorded more than 650 video lessons, created a textbook “Master Ukrainian Cases” and 2 sets of flashcards, “200 Common Ukrainian Verbs” and “200 Common Ukrainian Adjective” with voiceover. Inna is the author of a free introductory course for beginners “Learn to introduce yourself in Ukrainian in only 3 days” and YouTube channel “Speak Ukrainian”.Her mission is to be your guide to the language and culture of Ukraine.
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