How to learn Ukrainian language on your own

How to learn Ukrainian language on your own

How to learn Ukrainian language? When you start learning a language, you want to achieve very good results in no time. Unfortunately, most of the people are not able to buy a plane ticket to Lviv to learn Ukrainian for a few months.⠀

So what do you usually do? I can bet that you just download Duolingo, make a commitment to learn a language 15 minutes per day, and then quit the whole learning process. ⠀

One of my biggest desire was to become fluent in English. I have never been to the UK or the USA. I was thinking of how I can reach conversational fluency in the comfort of my own home. ⠀

How to study Ukrainian language

How to study Ukrainian language

Here are the techniques that I used: ⠀
When you start learning Ukrainian, the first phrases that you need to know are «Привіт», «Як справи?» etc.⠀
The Ukraine language has around 200,000 words, but only 1,000 words are used daily by natives speakers. ⠀

For example, if you are going to travel to Ukraine, you don’t need to memorize every piece of vocabulary. The best solution for you is to write down the most frequent words about the topic “Travel”, and make simple sentence structures. ⠀

Every day we spend many hours on your smartphones. Optimizing your devices for learning Ukrainian is a great way to immerse yourself in the language. This technique will help you to improve your reading skills. ⠀
Using apps in Ukrainian will help you to navigate and understand translations. ⠀
Try it now, and very soon you will see how seeing Ukrainian words many times a day on your devices make it easier to recall them in real-life conversations.⠀

I have already written about this technique. It helped me a lot in learning English. I even wrote a Bachelor’s thesis about the translating of English rock songs.⠀
While listening to music, you can pick up the grammatical structure of lyrics and phonetics. Also, you can translate your favorite songs into Ukrainian. It will help you to understand the idea of an artist’s song. ⠀

Write in the comments below about your experience in learning Ukrainian.

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