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Speak Ukrainian makes language learning Ukrainian language super-fast, easy and cost-effective so you can achieve your learning goals efficiently. We provide you with dedicated expert native speakers to take lessons from whenever and wherever you are. We offer a trial session. Try it now.
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Each day Speak Ukrainian publishes useful video lessons on social media to help you learn Ukrainian language absolutely free of cost. Easy and fun videos help you expand your vocabulary, learn basic grammar and have simple conversations with yourself. Follow us today.

Study Ukrainian ONLINE with “Speak Ukrainian”

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to learn Ukrainian online?

Speak Ukrainian brings language learning to life with its outstanding tutors and online learning sessions. 550+ students from 26 countries have excelled in Ukrainian language with our interactive sessions and constant support!

Our qualified team of professional language teachers has attained degrees in Linguistics. We welcome students belonging to all age groups and from all walks of life, providing them with the fastest, most effective way to learn the Ukrainian language – with the cultural understanding to get the most out of these new skills.

With flexible learning options and customized language learning programs, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to start speaking Ukrainian right away. We provide maximum flexibility and allow you to study at your own convenience, saving a great amount of your time. Get the language skills, cultural understanding, and confidence to speak Ukrainian today! Learn the Ukrainian language ONLINE with “Speak Ukrainian”!

FREE Mini-Course “Your First Small Talk in Ukrainian”

From an Absolute Beginner to a Confident Speaker

Ukrainian language lessons in our school

Here’s how you can get started at Speak Ukrainian platform:

During your trial session on Zoom, you will get acquainted with your teacher, determine your level of Ukrainian, discuss your goal and get a customized language learning plan.

If you enjoyed the trial, you can choose the Ukrainian lesson package that suits you best. Schedule your first lessons with your teacher, and start learning Ukrainian whenever and wherever you are.

After each lesson you will receive your homework that will help you practice the language. With Speak Ukrainian you get additional support from your teacher. Learn to speak Ukrainian correctly.

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