FREE Mini-Course “Your First Small Talk in Ukrainian”

Create your first small talk in Ukrainian without learning any boring grammar

Does any of these sound familiar?

I want to start speaking Ukrainian at the beginning of the learning process, but I have no idea how.

I feel uncomfortable using vocabulary in real conversations.

I want to understand Ukrainian, but the phonetics are strange and difficult.

Keep Reading Because I Have A Solution For You!

FREE Mini-Course “Your First Small Talk in Ukrainian” is a free online video course for absolute beginners, where you are taught how to make a basic conversation with a native. This course was developed based on my vast teaching experience in the Ukrainian language. I know fast and effective methods and how to expand your vocabulary beyond basic phrases like «Привіт», «Будь ласка», «Дякую» into confident conversations.

After 3 days of subscription to this course, you will be able to:

If you subscribe to the amazing course now, every day on your email you will get a video lesson + learning materials + BONUS from me. All you need is to have a time commitment – 10 minutes per day. Enjoy and have fun learning Ukrainian!

Introduce yourself in Ukrainian at ease.

Use basic Ukrainian vocabulary up to 300 words.

Build simple sentence constructions and know their usages in conversation.

Make Positive, Negative, and Question sentences.

Answer to Ukrainians during a simple dialogue.

Practice 100 Ukrainian Useful Phrases that every beginner must know.

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About the Author of the Course

Inna Sopronchuk is a professional native Ukrainian teacher with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Linguistics. Inna is the Founder, CEO, and content creator of the online language school “Speak Ukrainian”. In 2023, Inna taught Ukrainian language courses at St. Antony’s College, Oxford University.                                 

Inna Sopronchuk has been teaching Ukrainian to second-language learners for more than 7 years now. She recorded more than 900 video lessons, created a textbook “Master Ukrainian Cases” and 3 sets of flashcards, “200 Common Ukrainian Verbs”, “200 Common Ukrainian Adjectives” and “100 Ukrainian Idioms” with a voiceover app. Inna is the author of courseі for beginners FREE Mini-Course “Your First Small Talk in Ukrainian” and “From an Absolute Beginner to a Confident Speaker”.

Her mission is to be your guide to the language and culture of Ukraine.

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