Ukrainian teacher on Skype

In our online school “Speak Ukrainian” you can have Ukrainian online lessons on Skype/Zoom with professional native Ukrainian teachers who have Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Linguistics. Let us explain how you can start online studying process at our school:

  • list-info-icon Take a 30-Minute Session. During your trial session, you will get acquainted with your teacher, determine your level of Ukrainian, discuss your goal and get a customized language learning plan.
  • list-info-icon Choose the Lessons Package. If you enjoyed the trial, you can choose the lesson package that suits you best.  Schedule your first lessons with your teacher, and start learning Ukrainian whenever and wherever you are.
  • list-info-icon Track Your Results With Tests. After each lesson, you will receive your homework that will help you practice the language. With Speak Ukrainian you get additional support from your teacher.


Before buying any lesson package, we recommend you to take our 30-minute trial session. During the first session, you can get acquainted with the teacher, ask questions, determine your level of Ukrainian, share your language goal, develop a customized learning plan based on your needs, and take a few exercises. If you like the trial lesson and want to continue to study Ukrainian, we encourage you to sign up for further Ukrainian online lessons.

Ukrainian Skype lessons

60-minute lessons with a professional native Ukrainian teacher

1 lesson


$28/per lesson


8 lessons



$25/per lesson

-10% discount

16 lessons



$22/per lesson

-20% discount

24 lessons



$19/per lesson

-30% discount

VIP 60-minute Ukrainian lessons with Inna

1 lesson


$40/per lesson


8 lessons


$36/per lesson

-10% discount

16 lessons


$32/per lesson

-20% discount

Mini Group Ukrainian Lessons

2 people in a group

1 lesson


1-hour lesson
$15 for 1 lesson
for 1 student
8 lessons


8 lessons
$15 for 1 lesson
for 1 student
16 lessons


16 lessons
$13 for 1 lesson
for 1 student

Few Things to Remember

All available lesson times correspond to your local time and all prices represent the total price per 60-minute lesson before discounts.

Please book a Ukrainian lesson on Skype at least 24 hours earlier. It is possible to have a lesson earlier, by submitting your request at

If you want to cancel a scheduled lesson, please submit your request 24 hours before the beginning of the lesson, otherwise the lesson will be considered passed.

If your teacher misses the lesson without warning you within 24 hours before the beginning of the lesson, you will get an extra lesson.


There is a Kiev Time Zone (UTC/GMT +3 hours) in the Booking System.


Yes, we do. A trial session lasts 30 minutes. First try, then buy. At the trial you will get acquainted with a teacher, determine your level in Ukrainian, tell about your language goal and develop a customized learning plan with your Ukrainian teacher on Skype, all without any obligations.

All Ukrainian lessons are given on Skype in a 1:1 video format with a professional teacher. One lesson lasts 60 minutes.

Based on the classic methodology, we emphasize on Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. But if you want to practice speaking Ukrainian more, your teacher will prepare more learning materials to help you improve your speaking skills. Each exercise will be created to help you achieve your language goals. We will be using Ukrainian textbooks, but you will also get customized learning materials, like dialogues, vocabulary, texts, etc. After each lesson you will receive your homework, including worksheets containing exercises.

We receive payments through MasterCard or Visa cards.

If you commit to work with us, do your homework, follow the program, listen to explanations carefully and see no results after the first month of studying with us. We will issue you a refund.

Rescheduling, Cancellations & No-Shows: A 24-hour notice is required for rescheduling and cancellations. Otherwise, the lesson will be charged.

Feel free to contact us via email We are always happy to answer your questions.

We don’t give video lessons on Skype for free. Our teachers are professionals and are duly paid.