What Ukrainian Media are Trustworthy to Read about Ukraine?

Non-governmental organization Institute of Mass Information analyzed Ukrainian online media from July until September 2022 and determined the most high-quality and responsible ones. 

According to the analysis results, on average, the level of compliance with professional standards on the media included in this list is about 96%.

Suspilne (Суспі́льне)

Suspilne is a national public broadcaster that also has branches in all regions. In addition, it has pages on all social media, so you can read the news wherever you want: on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, or watch on YouTube with Ukrainian subtitles.

Radio Svoboda (Ра́діо Свобо́да) 

Radio Liberty is a United States government-funded organization that broadcasts and reports news, information, and analysis. The official Kyiv correspondent point of Radio Liberty in Ukraine was opened in 1992.

You can also listen to the podcast by Radio Svoboda, read the news on all social media, or watch their page on YouTube.

NV (rus. Но́вое Вре́мя, eng. New Time) 

NV is a Ukrainian weekly printed socio-political magazine. The Czech businessman Tomas Fiala, head of the Ukrainian investment company Dragon Capital, is the project’s investor.

The magazine also has an information and news site in Ukrainian, Russian, and English and an online electronic version of the magazine in all three languages.

There is also Radio NV that broadcasts in Ukrainian and Russian languages.

You can listen to the radio on YouTube.

Ukrinform (Укрінфо́рм)

The National News Agency of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Украї́нське націона́льне інформаці́йне аге́нтство) is a state information and news agency, and international broadcaster of Ukraine. It was founded in 1918 during the Ukrainian War of Independence. 

It also has English, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, and French pages. 

You can also watch the Ukrinform YouTube channel with Ukrainian subtitles. 

Liga.net (Лі́га.нет)

Liga is a business news portal, a part of the LIGA Group of Companies. The portal is aimed at a broad audience interested in business and socio-political information.

The internet portal has Ukrainian and Russian variants and is presented on social media.

Hromadske (Грома́дське)

Hromadske is a non-profit organization created in 2013 by Ukrainian journalists. It gained popularity thanks to broadcasts of the Revolution of Dignity events. 

The media website has Ukrainian, Russian, and English variants.

Hromadske also has its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube pages, where you can watch videos with English subtitles. 

Babel (Ба́бель) 

Babel, the private Ukrainian online media, was founded in 2018. It is positioned as a socio-political publication that writes about politics, business, education, culture, technology, and news in Ukraine and the world.

The media website has Ukrainian, Russian, and English variants.

There is also a podcast in Ukrainian with Ukrainian and Russian texts.

Babel is presented on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Ukrainska Pravda (Украї́нська Пра́вда)

Ukrainska Pravda (Ukrainian Truth) is a Ukrainian online newspaper founded by Heorhii Honhadze in 2000. The newspaper is tailored for a general readership with an emphasis on the politics of Ukraine. Dragon Capital, the Ukrainian investment management company, has the corporate rights of Ukrainska Pravda. 

Most of the articles on the website are written in English, but some materials are translated into English and Russian.

You can watch videos on the Ukrainska Pravda YouTube channel with English subtitles.

The media always has Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram pages where you can read its materials.

Dzerkalo Tyzhnia (Дзе́ркало Ти́жня, Mirrow Weekly)

In 1994 was founded the daily socio-political print newspaper Mirror of the Week Ukraine. However, since 2019, it’s only online media. Its website has materials mainly in Ukrainian but also English and Russian. Dzherkalo Tyzhnia also has pages on various social media.

Western non-governmental organizations partially fund Dzerkalo Tyzhnia.

The Kyiv Post is Ukraine’s English-language newspaper, created in 1995 and went online in 1997. The media presents political, business, and entertainment materials. The Kyiv Post has its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and LinkedIn pages.

The Kyiv Independent is Ukraine’s English-language media outlet created by over 30 ex-Kyiv Post employees. 

The media is presented on social media and leads its podcast

UkraineWorld is an English-language multimedia project about Ukraine run by Internews Ukraine. Ukraine World produces articles, podcasts, analytical material, and books about Ukraine in English. 

The media has its pages on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Euromaidan Press (EP) is an online English-language independent newspaper launched by Ukrainian volunteers in 2014. EP focuses on events concerning Ukraine and provides translations of Ukrainian news, expert analyses, and independent research. EP has pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Hopefully, the material was useful for you. Let us know in the comments where you learn about the news in Ukraine.

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