Phrases for tourists

The pandemic restrictions are being relaxed, and it is getting possible to travel to Ukraine. And here, you will need some essential phrases to get around.

If you are looking for a place and can’t find it or are lost, these phrases will help you:

  1. До́брий день!

Де (магази́н, суперма́ркет, по́шта, апте́ка, стадіо́н тощо)?

Dobryi den’!

Good afternoon!

De (mahazyn, supermarket, poshta, apteka, stadion)?

Where is (a shop, a supermarket, a post office, a pharmacy, a stadium etc.)?

2. Ви́бачте, де тут туале́т (вбира́льня)?

Vybachte, de tut tualet (vbyral’nia)?

Excuse me, where is the toilet (restroom) here?

3. Яка це ву́лиця?

Yaka tse vulytsia?

What street is this?

4. Пра́во, лі́во, пря́мо, наза́д

pravo, livo, priamo, nazad

Right, left, straight, back

The moment you want to buy something, these phrases will be helpful:

5. Скі́льки ко́штує?

Skil’ky koshtuie?

How much does it cost?

6. Да́йте, будь ла́ска.

Daite bud’ laska.

Give me, please.

7. Дя́кую!


Thank you!

8. Так/Ні



9. Ви гово́рите англі́йською?

Vy hovoryte anhliis’koiu? Do you speak English?

10. До поба́чення!

Do pobachenia!


These are the most basic phrases. Do you want to know more? Ask us in the comments.

  1. MarieB13 June 25, 2021

    Thank you for this guide! I am planning on visiting Ukraine once all the restrictions have been lifted. I have saved this page so I will be able to learn these phrases when I will be going ))

    Do you have any tips regarding vocabulary when asking for a taxi? For example: ”Can you take me to [place], please?” Or, ”How long will it take to drive there?”

    • maryna.nosachenko June 28, 2021

      Thank you!

      Yes, sure.
      Usually, we would say something like:
      До (місце) підвезете? Can you take me to (place)?
      Як довго їхати до (місце)? How long does it take to drive to (place)?
      Скільки коштує доїхати до (місце)? How much does it cost to drive to (place)?

      But I highly recommend you to use taxi apps like Uber, Uklon, or Bolt because it is easier to order a taxi online, and a driver can’t charge you more than an app shows.

      Thank you very much for your questions!

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