Professions in Ukrainian – Професії українською


Are you wondering how to tell people about your profession and ask another person about theirs in Ukrainian? Let’s learn in today’s post.

The most common way of asking about someone’s occupation is:

Ким ви працю́єте? (formal/plural)

Ким ти працю́єш? (informal/singular)

What kind of work do you do?

Я вчи́телька. (female) Я журналі́ст. (masculine or both)

I am a teacher. I am a journalist.

Who + works +whom? (profession in the Instrumental Case):

Я працю́ю вчи́телькою.  Я працюю́ журналі́стом.

I work as a teacher. I work as a journalist.

The more formal request (official) might be:

Назві́ть мі́сце ва́шої робо́ти і поса́ду, будь ла́ска. ¨

Where do you work, and what is your occupation?

Я працю́ю на заво́ді (name), я меха́нік. (masculine or both)

I work at (name) factory, and I am a mechanic.

Я працю́ю в компа́нії (name), я програмі́стка. (female)

I work at (name) company, and I am a web developer.

There are both masculine and feminine forms for most professions in Ukrainian, but it won’t be a mistake to use just the masculine form.

The most common feminine suffix is -к-:

ме́неджерка (manager), лі́карка (doctor), вчи́телька (teacher), архіте́кторка (architect), співа́чка (singer), диза́йнерка (designer) etc.

А ким ви працюєте? Write down in the comments below. We are very interested to hear about it!


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