Ukrainian language for foreigners. Textbook (Level B1 – B2) (Paperback)


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Ukrainian language for foreigners. Textbook (Level B1 – B2) by Lesia Nazarevych and Natalia Havdyda (Paperback)

About this Textbook:

  • 35K words
  • 212 pages
  • 6 exercises with Ukrainian songs
  • 17 conversational topics


“Ukrainian language for foreigners” contains 17 conversational including topics “Me and My Family”, “Housing”, “Service areas (Restaurant. Trade. Bank. Hospital. Hairdresser’s. Hotel. Railway Station. Post Office)”, and “Traditions of Ukraine”; Ukrainian-English dictionary; questions to texts; tables for studying Ukrainian grammar and various exercises.

The textbook is useful for English-speaking foreigners who have already mastered the A1 level in Ukrainian language, for teachers of Ukrainian as a foreign language, for Russian speakers who want to learn Ukrainian, and for Ukrainians who were born and live outside Ukraine.

Textbook details

Publisher: Palianytsia V.A.

Release Date: September 30, 2017

ISBN 978-617-7331-43-7

Languages: Ukrainian, English

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