The Ukrainian Alphabet Book(Hardcover)


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About this textbook:

  • 56 pages
  • in Ukrainian and English
  • professional voice-over

Authors: Iryna Topolnicka



This alphabet is designed for everyone who wants to learn Ukrainian. Try it and you will see that it is possible to achieve mastery at the Ukrainian alphabet fast and effectively. Please bear in mind, this ABC will teach you to listen and identify the letters rather than speak.

Every card of the alphabet is divided into 4 sections, which include:

1) print capital and small letters. It displaces the full cursive alphabet and demonstrates how to form cursive uppercase and lowercase letters;

2) short description of every sound pronunciation. It compares the Ukrainian sound production with the English one and teaches the pronunciation of sounds (articulation). It will be very helpful to understand how to pronounce letter and words correctly.

3) “picture association”. It facilitates better remembering of the Ukrainian letters and makes the learning process fun.

4) audio recording. This section develops the learners’ listening skills because it focuses on the letter/sound pronunciation in a word of a particular letter learned.

Additionally, the alphabet is accompanied by a set of exercises for each letter, where you improve to identify the individual sounds. Moreover, it will enhance your listening, reading and writing skills and help you practice pronunciation.

Textbook details

Publisher:Iryna Topolnicka

Release Date: November 3, 2023


Languages: English, Ukrainian

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