Textbook: Master Ukrainian cases by Inna Samoilova (eBook)

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Master Ukrainian cases. Tables & exercises by Inna Samoilova

About this eBook:

  • 17K words
  • 103 pages
  • 89 exercises


In this eBook, you will learn to form and use cases in the Ukrainian language. There are 7 cases in the Ukrainian language: Nominative, Vocative, Genitive, Accusative, Prepositional, Locative, and Dative. What is a “case”? Case is a special grammatical category of a noun, pronoun, adjective, participle, or numeral whose value reflects the grammatical function performed by that word in a phrase, clause, or sentence. So, basically you won’t be able to form a simple sentence without using cases.

This eBook is not a general course of Ukrainian for beginners. This eBook doesn’t teach you how to read Ukrainian, practice phonetics, or use the vocabulary. You should have some basic knowledge of the Ukrainian language before using this book.

If you’ve just started your journey to learn the beautiful Ukrainian language or want to feel more confident while speaking this language, understand how it works, and know how to form more compound sentences, this eBook is the perfect solution for you.


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Publisher: Seredniak T.K.

Release Date: October 20, 2019

ISBN: 9786177761982

Languages: English, Ukrainian

Download options: PDF

    Great book, Inna!
    Highly recommended for everyone who has troubles with Ukrainian cases.

    This Is a very useful textbook.
    I find It very easy and clear.
    I can study and review topics about Ukrainian language without difficulties.


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