200 Common Ukrainian Verbs

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Flashcards are one of the most effective and proven ways of learning new vocabulary. When you start learning the Ukrainian language, it is very important to expand your conversation with basic words, phrases, and sentences. That`s why we have created the first package of flashcards — “200 Common Ukrainian Verbs”.

The package includes:

  • 200 flashcards;
  • 200 Ukrainian examples of verbs usage (+English translation);
  • Conjugation of Imperfective verbs in the Present tense;
  • Voiceover of all flashcards.

The WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT is FREE. The Avia-delivery can take 2-4 weeks, because of the situation with COVID-19. If you live in Ukraine, the delivery takes 2-3 days. If you have any questions, please contact us directly – info@speakua.com

Flashcards “200 common Ukrainian verbs”


If you want to have a real conversation in Ukrainian with native speakers, to read Ukrainian literature or to watch movies in the original language, first of all, you must know the basic vocabulary and to be able to use it in the context correctly. Perhaps it is one of the most difficult parts in the learning of any language.

We believe flashcards are an effective and convenient way to memorize foreign words, that`s why we have created a package of 200 common Ukrainian verbs.

For whom are these flashcards? 

For Ukrainian language students from A1 up to B2 Levels.

How do the flashcards look like? 

On one side you will find:

  • Ukrainian Infinitive Imperfective verb;
  • The example of the usage of the verb;
  • Conjugation of Imperfective verbs in the Present tense.

On the other side:

  • The English translation of the Imperfective verb;
  • The English translation of the example.

How to use the flashcards?

It is better to learn 10-20 words at once. First, you can read the verb in Ukrainian, then learn its English translation, then vice versa. Flashcards can be mixed so as not to get used to the sequence of words. When you learn new words, it is important to start using them in a sentence or conversation.

When is it better to learn words?

You can learn verbs with the help of flashcards at your convenience. If you have free time, you can take out cards and repeat them. It will take just 5-10 minutes, but the effect will be magnificent. Do not take a lot of cards at once, it is better to learn vocabulary gradually.

What is new?

You will also receive free access to the application that can be used as a voiceover of the flashcards. It is really easy to use. You just need to click on the word and you will hear its pronunciation. You can also find the appropriate word in Ukrainian or English with the help of the search field.


With the help of these cards, you will improve your speaking skills, learn the meaning and usage of 200 verbs, expand your vocabulary.

    just received my flash cards , looks amazing , comfortable to use
    Thanks a lot

    I use them everyday, adding one word a day. I am up to 16. Спасибі, Блер

    Great design and quality. Inclusion of conjugations is super helpful. Using the sample sentences, vocabulary will likely improve even faster – glad these are included. Well done!

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    Review 2

    Finally received my flashcards and I absolutely love them !
    They look amazing and so clear, also the fact there’s the voiceover included makes them even more helpful 😉
    Highly recommended if you want to improve your skills and make your learning Ukrainian journey unforgettable !


    review 2

    I am very happy with my flashcards. They arrived on time, in good conditions, in a box with protection. The flashcards are made of good quality material. I like them a lot because they not only have the verb and its translation into English, but also the conjugation of the verb, and an example sentence using the verb, in which we can learn even the meaning of more Ukrainian words. Thank you very much, Inna !. Greetings from Rome, Italy.

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