Easy Ukrainian Dialogues with vocabulary lists and audio for Levels A1-A2 (eBook)

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About this eBook:

  • 233 pages
  • 70 dialogues
  • 10 basic topics
  • in Ukrainian and English
  • professional voice-over

All dialogues have professional voice-over (it will be sent to you separately a little later after purchasing the textbook)

Authors: Maryna Looijen-Nosachenko and Inna Sopronchuk.

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If you have just started your journey to learn the beautiful Ukrainian language and want to be able easy to form simple sentences and understand Ukrainian speakers, this textbook is perfect for you.

It will be helpful to develop your reading and listening skills through dialogues that show you how communication is structured, and what phrases and words are most often used in different conversations.

That is, the dialogues already provide ready-made templates, using which you can already have simple conversations with native speakers.

Our textbook has 10 interesting basic topics for communication, each of which has a vocabulary list of words with emphasis and translation:

  1. Family and relatives
  2. Professions
  3. Nationalities
  4. My house
  5. Hobby
  6. The weather
  7. Daily Affairs
  8. Transport and Travel
  9. Food
  10. Holidays

All conversations are in two languages: Ukrainian and English. 

Moreover, all dialogues in Ukrainian have the emphasis that helps better remember how to pronounce words correctly.

In addition, all dialogues have a professional voice-over; simultaneous reading and listening increase the effectiveness of learning and memorizing the correct pronunciation, intonation and emphasis of words.

eBook details

Publisher: Seredniak T.K.

Release Date: December 1, 2022

ISBN: 978-617-8111-85-4

Languages: English, Ukrainian

Download options: PDF

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