2 sets of the Flashcards 400 Common Verbs + Adjectives

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During the war, we do ship our products worldwide. The shipping is free. The delivery can take up to a month. If you are in Ukraine, the delivery takes 2-3 days. If you have any questions, please contact us directly via email – info@speakua.com 

Flashcards are one of the most effective and proven ways of learning new vocabulary. When you start learning the Ukrainian language, it is very important to expand your conversation with basic words, phrases, and sentences.

Now you have an opportunity to buy 2 sets of flashcards in one package!

The package includes:

Set 1

  • 200 flashcards with verbs;
  • 200 Ukrainian examples of verbs usage (+English translation);
  • Conjugation of Imperfective verbs in the Present tense;
  • Voiceover of all flashcards.

Set 2

  • 200 flashcards with adjectives;
  • 200 Ukrainian examples of adjectives` usage (+English translation);
  • Declension of adjectives;
  • Voiceover of all flashcards.

During the war, we do ship our products worldwide. The shipping is free. The delivery can take up to a month. If you are in Ukraine, the delivery takes 2-3 days. If you have any questions, please contact us directly via email – info@speakua.com 

200 common Ukrainian verbs + 200 common Ukrainian adjectives

When you study a foreign language, the first thing that you face is vocabulary. Learning words is a rather complex and time-consuming process, which is why we suggest you learn them with the help of flashcards. If you have free time, you can take out cards and repeat them. It will take just 5-10 minutes, but the effect will be magnificent.

We have created 2 sets of flashcards; the first one will help you to memorize 200 common Ukrainian verbs and the second will help you to memorize 200 common Ukrainian adjectives.

Verbs are words that help us to make a full sentence and describe what the subject is doing. They have different conjugation in Ukrainian language according to the person.

Adjectives are words that define the subject; they can help us to describe people or things. The adjective can be changed according to gender, number, and the case of the noun it defines.

For whom are these flashcards? 

For Ukrainian language students from A1 up to B2 Levels.

What do the flashcards look like? 

On one side you will find:

  • Ukrainian verb/adjective;
  • An example of the usage;
  • Conjugation or declension of the word.

On the other side:

  • The English translation of the verb/adjective;
  • The English translation of the example.

How to use flashcards?

It is better to learn 10-20 words at once. First, you can read the verb in Ukrainian, then learn its English translation, then vice versa. Flashcards can be mixed so as not to get used to the sequence of words. When you learn new words, it is important to start using them in a sentence or conversation.

What is new?

We decided to improve our flashcards package and update the box. Now the box has special sections that you can use according to a special study method. 

It allows you to learn new material more effectively and makes this process more enjoyable and comfortable.

Moreover, the box will contain a colorful brochure with recommendations on using flashcards and games to help learn new material more fun and exciting. 

These games help you overcome the language barrier and develop communication skills, memorizing the correct spelling and pronunciation and combining words into phrases and sentences.


    These cards are of good quality. They contain just about everything you would really need in terms of information.
    For those who love physical flashcards, these are pretty nice!

    These look great! Good quality and everything shipped fast (I’m in USA). I’m really excited to start using these! My grandma was Ukrainian and a teacher and I think she would be proud and happy with these! Thanks so much! 😍

    I received the flashcards yesterday in perfect condition (shipped to Denver, Colorado). The quality is excellent, and they are so much fun! We sat around the dinner table yesterday evening quizzing each other on nouns, verbs, and phrases. Great way to learn and improve our language skills. Thank you, Inna, for making the Ukrainian language so accessible for true beginners. Best wishes from colorful Colorado!

    The cards are very well designed and ideal for someone learning Ukrainian who has very little available free time. I use them in little five minute reminder sessions at the beginning and end of each day to supplement my regular learning.

    These cards are of excellent quality and very well designed to help with learning. They arrived in perfect condition despite the distance (I’m in Canada) to ship. Thank you!

    The cards are printed on really nice quality paper and the layout of the text is very appealing. I’ve started to work through these with my partner and I’m really excited to expand my knowledge – thanks so much.

    I have purchased all 400 flashcards. I use them in groups of ten, mixing adjectives and verbs for my study sessions. I memorize the sentences on the cards and then try to create my own sentences. It takes time, but the repetition with these flashcards is worth it! And there is so much valuable information on these cards, not just definitions but keys to grammar, usage, and stress for pronunciation. The price is a steal. Anything from Inna is worth it. Her teaching methods and learning materials are practical, well-researched, well tested, and just brilliant!!!

    I purchased the Verb and Adjective flashcards and love them! They arrived quickly and had a lovely note included in the packaging. The cards are heavy stock with a glossy finish making them easy to shuffle and very durable. The included vocabulary is comprehensive and thoughtfully composed. I appreciate that the Verb flashcards have all of the present tense conjugations and the Adjective flashcards include the endings for all seven cases. The audio companion is great for hearing the pronunciation (even though the cards include an indication of the stressed syllable). Highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their Ukrainian vocabulary!

    Absolutely delighted with the flashcards. They have been very helpful for expanding my vocab. At first I thought the price was high, but not after I received them! They have been so helpful and I think they are probably the most helpful of all the printed resources I bought for studying Ukrainian!

    I ordered all the 400 flash cards. I have to say that the quality of them is amazing and it’s proved to be a great tool for learning both the verbs and adjectives in a more fun and relaxed way. The cards are very informative yet concise which makes using them
    easy and with repetition it really does enhance your progress.

    I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn Ukrainian to invest in these flash cards, they’re totally worth it! Thank you Inna 🙌🏽

    I’ve seen and used plenty of flashcards over the years from math to project management certification training. I can honestly and unequivocally state that the sets of adjective and verbs (along with the voiceovers) are the absolute best.

    The card stock is of the highest quality, laminated, and very sharp color separation. These cards are meant to be used and crafted to last.

    I have also ordered the Idiom flashcards and the hardcover Ukrainian Cases textbook.

    Wonderful purchase. Very happy.

    These flashcards are great. I bought the complete set with adjectives and verbs. They are very appealing, include conjugations and sample sentences. The material is very durable. These cards will last a long time. There’s also an online audio companion. After I ordered these another set of flashcards with idioms was added to the store. When I received my flashcards and saw how excellent they were I immediately ordered the new set with idioms, too. Now waiting for my next delivery.

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