Bryan Marks
Inna has been my Ukrainian teacher for 2 years. I am learning Ukrainian because I travel to Ukraine every summer, and would like to move to Ukraine in the future. She teaches the importance of grammar, pronunciation, and reading. She will help you if you are having trouble, and all her lessons are well-structured. Learning Ukrainian has helped me during travel for ordering food, asking for help, it has helped me a lot during my travels with making friends and fitting in Ukraine.
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Athina Odias
I highly recommend Inna who is a wonderful and patient teacher, she immediately sees your flaws and corrects them. Not only she is experienced, but she loves her job. She prepares her lessons well, always tailoring them to your needs. If you’re hesitating, don’t! You won’t regret it!
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Dr Shane O’Rourke
Inna is an excellent teacher with whom I worked for a year. She was well-organized, attentive and responsive to my needs. Inna always took into consideration what I needed and adapted her lessons accordingly. Inna created a very positive environment for learning, one that managed to be both relaxed and demanding at the same time. I can recommend her unreservedly as a teacher.
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James Dang
Wow! I am really impressed with Inna. She is a great teacher and has a lovely personality: she is very supporting demonstrates a high degree of patience. The enthusiasm she exuded for both languages and teaching was palpable. She clearly loves what she does. It was a true pleasure.
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Anoush Ambush Bog
Inna has been working with my daughter, 10, teaching her Ukrainian, for a while now. She is very engaging, supportive and patient. I really love how clear her speech is and that she is very attuned to the individual needs of my daughter. Inna has her own style and approach. I know that my daughter is in good hands.
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Mark Allan
Inna is an amazing and professional teacher. I have had many lessons with her, and I have also had many lessons with other teachers. The difference between Inna and other teachers is the level of energy she brings to the classroom environment, combined with her knowledge of grammar and her passion for the Ukrainian language. I have been learning many languages online and have been taught by over 60 teachers so far and being an ESL teacher myself, in Japan, I know that Inna’s style is really, really good.
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Sara Boback
I have been learning Ukrainian with Inna for over half a year now. She started from the very beginning with me building a strong base. This base helped significantly when I started to learn more about cases, grammar and pronunciation. She is attentive, kind and eager for her students to make strides in their learning. I'm really looking forward to continuing to improve my Ukrainian with Inna as my tutor.
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