What’s next?

Вітаю! (Congratulations!) You finished the course “From Absolute Beginner to a Confident Speaker”! Well done! You should be so proud of yourself. I know it’s a difficult journey. The course was pretty intensive to learn all the basic things of the Ukrainian language in 2 months + you have 1 extra month to review it. Take your time to finish the course or redo it again. You can also extend it for a month or three.

Now you can ask me – “Inna, what should I do next?”

I need to tell you that the continuation of your journey depends on your goal and desire. If you feel that the course is enough for you to communicate with your Ukrainian relatives or friends, then you can just be content with the course. I covered all the topics that you needed to reach a beginner level in Ukrainian. Then you can just keep improving your level by –

-learning new vocabulary and phrases;

-practising using them in conversation with a native speaker;

-finding a language partner (if you don’t have friends or relatives from Ukraine);

-making sentences up in Ukrainian (yes, you do it with the help of cases and conjugation of the verbs. In the course, I explained to you all topics you need to build sentences and feel the language on the beginner level).

-watching my video lesson on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/SpeakUkrainian

-expanding your level with the help of different recourses. You will them all here.

If you feel you want to go to a higher level in Ukrainian and become fluent. Therefore I recommend you continue your journey with a professional native teacher who can guide you, estimate your true goal and create an individual learning plan according to your needs.

There are several options for you: you can sign up for mini-speaking sessions (it works perfectly if you want to practice only conversational skills), or you can sign up for one-on-one private lessons for learning the language from all language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing (if you need the last one). For all participants of the course who want to have one-on-one lessons, we offer a free trial lesson. The students of the Master and Guru groups have a discount of 30$ for any package of individual lessons.

I hope you find my tips useful and now you know how to continue your path. If you have some doubts, you can try different options and then pick up the best one for you. Just remember that learning the language is a lifetime journey. You have to revise and improve it all the time, otherwise, you will forget it. I have been learning English for 16 years. I revise it all the time with the help of English music, TV shows, or series, I read books in the target language and write an essay in it. Currently, I take private lessons with a professional native teacher Shannon from Oregon. We do the English advanced level course together. I review it once per year.

Good luck! Stay in love with Ukrainian! I am always with you in order to support and motivate you. If you want to extend the course, take a trial lesson or sign up for Ukrainian lessons, contact us via email at info@speakua.com

Best regards,

your Ukrainian language teacher

Inna Sopronchuk