Dear students,

The course “From an Absolute Beginner to a Confident Speaker” is intensive and lasts 8 weeks. During these 2 months, you will learn all the basics of the Ukrainian language, including the alphabet, phonetics, basic vocabulary, grammar, listening to audio dialogues, and reading texts for beginners. In 2 months, you will have 1 extra month of free access to complete the course and review all the lessons again. In total, you will have 3 months. Then you will have the opportunity to purchase an extension for one or three months.

Please note that according to the program of the course, you take 3 lessons a week or you can take the course at your own pace. If you understand that it is fast for you, you can take 1 or 2 lessons a week, as it is convenient for you. We have students of different levels. One learns faster, and another learns slower. Some participants may have studied one of the Slavic languages, so it is easier to learn Ukrainian for them. Also, people of different ages learn the materials differently. Therefore, each student has his/her own pace of learning, you can follow your abilities. Also, we will add a block with additional tasks that can be taken at will for students who want to take the course more intensively.

Our dear students, we created for you a Study Guide with the pace – 3 lessons per week:

    and a Study Guide with the pace – 2 lessons per week:

    Pick up the convenient tempo for yourself.

    If your main goal is to obtain a solid conversational level in Ukrainian, I highly recommend you book a set of mini-speaking lessons. Every week you will have an opportunity to have a 20-minute speaking practice with a professional native teacher who will correct your pronunciation, reduce your accent and practice Ukrainian in real-life conversation. You can book a package of mini-speaking lessons (the price is $80 per 8 lessons) on the course page or via PayPal –

    Enjoy the course! Good luck! – Бажаю успіхів!
    Your teacher, 
    Inna Sopronchuk
    Founder of “Speak Ukrainian” school