How to use Flashcards

Do you want to learn more than 100 new words per week? The most practical and proven way to do it is using flashcards.

Flashcards help to expand your conversation with essential vocabulary, phrases, and sentences. That’s why we have created two packages of flashcards; the first one will help you to memorize 200 common Ukrainian verbs, and the second will help you to learn 200 common Ukrainian adjectives. And you can have two sets together at a considerable discount on our website!

It is better to learn the vocabulary gradually: practice and memorize 10-15 new words with their usage per day. Practice 20-30 min every day, and your speech will improve in no time.

Practice steps:

  1. Organize your working space, be sure nothing disturbs you for the next 30 min.
  2. Pick 15 words you want to learn today. If it is not your first session, you may pick more words to review.
  3. Take a flashcard, read the word out loud several times (you may listen to the pronunciation in our voiceover app).
  4. Turn the flashcard and read the translation of the word.
  5. Read the usage and conjugations or declension of the word several times.
  6. Turn the flashcard to see the translation of the examples.
  7. Make your examples with each conjugation or declension. You will remember it better if the sentences will be funny, emotional, and connected to your own life.
  8. Put the flashcards you have read separately, so you will have two piles: one with words you have read, another one with new vocabulary.
  9. The moment all 15 cards are in one pile, shuffle them and start to read again, now trying to recall what they mean.
  10.  If you don’t remember the meaning take a look at it and put this flashcard separately to come back to this word and review it again later.
  11.  If you remember the meaning and usage of the word, put it in the pile where all the flashcards you have already learnt well will be.
  12.  Repeat practising again and again until you know the meaning and usage of all chosen flashcards.

This tool for learning new vocabulary is pretty simple and very effective. Using physical flashcards helps you memorize the words better since your visual and auditory memories work, and your haptic memory is involved. And you can buy two sets together (200 verbs and 200 adjectives + voiceover) at a considerable discount here. Or separately: 200 verbs + voiceover, 200 adjectives + voiceover.

Remember: the key to successfully using flashcards is consistency and regularity. So keep in mind your goals and find ways to enjoy your learning process. And our beautiful flashcards can help you very well with it!

Have you already started using flashcards? Do you prefer physical or electronic ones? Share your experience in the comments below.

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