About hobbies in Ukrainian

About hobbies in Ukrainian

All people like to talk about their hobbies and favourite things to do and Ukrainians are not the exception. In today’s post, we will learn how to talk about hobbies in Ukrainian. There are two ways of asking about favourite activities:

Яке твоє хобі? What is your hobby?

Я люблю (I like) + the infinitive of the verb: читати (read), подорожувати (travel), співати (sing), готувати (cook), писати вірші (write poems), малювати (draw), фотографувати (take pictures) etc.

Чим ти любиш займатись? What do you like to do?

Я займаюсь (I do, I am engaged, I go in for) + noun in the instrumental case: спортом (sport), танцями (dancing), йогою (yoga), плаванням (swimming), фітнесом (fitness), музикою (music), в’язанням (knitting) etc.

Now you know how to ask and answer about hobbies in Ukrainian. Яке твоє хобі? Чим ти любиш займатись? I am waiting for your answers in the comments below.

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