20 Exclamations in Ukrainian

20 Exclamations in Ukrainian

“Ого”, “ой”, “ура”, “отакої”… If you have ever been to Ukraine you have probably heard these exclamations. They express a spontaneous feeling or reaction.

Here are the most common ones:

Агов! (Гей!) /ahov, hei/

used to call someone, attract attention, often when names are unknown.

Агов! Ви мене чуєте?

Hello! Do you hear me?

Гей, що ви там робите?

Hey! What are you doing there?

Овва! /ovva/

used to express surprise, doubts, or irony etc.

Овва! І Марія тут!

Wow! And Maria is here!

Овва! Так я тобі і розкажу все.

Okay! I will tell you everything! (sarcastic)

Ого! /oho/

used to show expression, surprise, or astonishment.

Ого! У тебе багато друзів!

Wow! You have many friends!

Ого, це просто чудово!

Wow! It is just wonderful!

Ой /oi/

used to express mild apology, surprise, or dismay.

Ой, я не хотіла.

Oops, I didn’t want that.

Ой, я не знав, ти будеш сьогодні.

I didn’t know you would be here today.

Ура! /hooray/

This exclamation is used to express joy, approval, or encouragement

Гіп, гіп, ура!

Hip, hip, hooray!

Урааа! Мене взяли на роботу!

Hooray! I have got a job.

Слава Богу! /slava bohu/

something you say when you are happy because something bad did not happen.

Слава Богу, ти повернувся.

Thank God, you are back.

О, Боже /o, bozhe/

Матінко /matinko/

used to express disbelief, frustration, excitement, or anger.

О, Боже, як ти міг це зробити?

Oh my God, how could you do it!

Матінко (mummy), що ж тепер буде?

What will happen?

Нічого собі! /nichoho sobi/

used to express surprise, interest, or amazement.

Нічого собі, які гарні квіти! Whoa, what beautiful flowers!

Нічого собі, у тебе буде двійня!

Whoa, you are going to have twins!

Ох /oh/

used to express sorrow, dissatisfaction, reproach; physical pain, suffering; relief, fright.

Ох, як важко це зробити!

Oh, that sounds difficult!

Фу /fu/

Used to express dislike or even disgust.

Фу, що це за сморід?

Eww, what is that smell?

Фух /fuh/ Used to express relief.

Фух, все минулось.

Phew, it is over.

Ням-ням /niam-niam/

Used to express that something tastes very good.

Як смачно! Ням-ням!

So tasty! Yummy-yummy!

Кис-кис /kus-kus/

The sound we make calling for cats.

Киш /kush/

The exclamation used when we ask animals to go away.

Киш, йди звідси!

Shoo, go away from here!

Отакої! /otakoi/

Блін /blin/

Дідько /did’ko/

When something negative happened, especially unexpected, these exclamations are used.

Отакої! Як таке могло статися?

Оh, no! How could it happen?

Не може бути! /ne mozhe buty/

Something surprizing or unexpecting happen.

No way!

Не може бути! Ви нарешті прийшли.

No way! You finally came.

Now you know the most common Ukrainian exclamations. Which of them have you heard? Which were new?

  1. MarieB13 June 25, 2021

    Interesting read! Thank you once again )). I have a question regarding the nuance of certain words. For instance, can I use the word ”Фу” when the food is bad? Or would Ukrainians use a different word for describing nasty food?

    • maryna.nosachenko June 28, 2021

      Thank you, Marie!

      Yes, we say “фу”, describing disgusting food.
      Фу, яка несмачна каша! (Eww, what a disguasting porridge!)

      Thank you for your comment, always glad to answer them.

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