15 Ways of Saying Goodbye in Ukrainian


Now that we have learned the greetings in the Ukrainian language, it is high time to find out how to say goodbye during different occasions. So let’s get started and learn 15 ways of saying goodbye in Ukrainian!

Formal communication:

До поба́чення! Do pobachennia!


The most common way to end your meeting with. The literal meaning is “until the next meeting.”

Всього́ найкра́щого! Vs’oho naikrashchoho!

All the best!

It is an excellent way to end your communication since you wish someone to have all the best. Similar sentiments: на все до́бре (na vse dobre, all the best) and га́рного дня (harnoho dnia). The last one means “have a nice day”, feel free to use it.

До нови́х зу́стрічей! Do novukh zustrichei!

See you next time!

Literal: until we meet again! We may say this farewell when we are pretty sure we will meet with someone but probably not in the nearest future.

Бува́йте! Buvaite!

Another common way of saying “goodbye”. The literal translation is just “be”.

Бува́йте здоро́ві! Buvaite zdorovi!

Be healthy!

This sentiment is less commonly used, but you can still hear it, and the Ukrainian speakers you will meet will be glad to hear this wish from you.

Прощава́йте! Proshchavaite!

Farewell! We say прощава́йте (formal, plural) і прощава́й (informal, singular) when we don’t expect to meet the person again.

Informal communication:

Бува́й! Buvai!


It is the most common way of saying “bye” in informal communication. Sometimes you can hear “дава́й” (davai), which means “give” (in the imperative mood). Interesting, right?

Поба́чимось! Pobachymos’!

See you! Literal: we will see each other. Another one with a close meaning is “до зу́стрічі” (do zustrichi)until the next meeting.



It is a very casual way of saying “bye”. In the Russian language, there is a word “пока́” for it, but Ukrainians may use it as well in their speech.

До́брої но́чі! Надобра́ніч! Dobroi nochi! Nadobranich!

Good night!

Соло́дких снів. Solodkykh sniv!

Sweet dreams!

These are the ways of saying “good night”. Be sure to say it to your loved ones before going to bed.

That’s it for today. Do you have any questions? Maybe you know more ways of saying “goodbye”? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, and до зу́стрічі!

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