10 Ukrainian Films to Watch in Ukrainian

10 Ukrainian Films to Watch in Original(1)

In this article, you will find Soviet Ukrainian and contemporary Ukrainian films that will help you to practice your language skills and feel the aesthetics of Ukrainian cinematography.

  1. Ті́ні забу́тих пре́дків (1965)

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (also known in English under the alternative title Wild Horses of Fire) is a 1965 Ukrainian film by the Armenian filmmaker Serhii Paradzhanov.

In a small Hutsul village in the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine, a young man, Ivan, falls in love with the daughter of the man who killed his father. Though their families share a bitter enmity, Ivan and Marichka have known each other since childhood. In preparation for their marriage, Ivan leaves the village to work and earn money for a household. While he is gone, Marichka accidentally dies.

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors is considered the most internationally heralded Ukrainian film in history and a classic of Ukrainian magical realist cinema. The plot is based on the novel Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors by Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky.

You can watch the film in Ukrainian with English subtitles: https://cutt.ly/LJ7k7aY

or without subtitles: https://cutt.ly/XJ7xBZS

2. Бі́лий птах з чо́рною озна́кою (1971)

The White Bird Marked with Black

One of the first Soviet films shows the soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

The film is a 1971 Soviet period drama directed by Yuri Ilyenko. It entered the 7th Moscow International Film Festival and won the Golden Prize.

The plot takes place between 1937 and 1947 in a little, traditional Hutsul village in Northern Bukovina. The film tells the story of one family where three brothers choose different sides during the war. With the heartbreak of one family, the film shows the tragedy of a nation at war.

You can watch the film with English subtitles: https://cutt.ly/1J6SvpV

or without subtitles: https://cutt.ly/6J6SSCi

3. Пропа́ла гра́мота (1972)

The Lost Letter

The cossack Vasyl must immediately deliver the letter to Peterburg, the capital of the Russian Empire or he will be executed. However, the devil himself is hunting for this document and will do everything to take it away from Vasyl.

The film is a 1972 Soviet musical-tragicomedy film by Dovzhenko Film Studios in Kyiv. The movie is considered a gem of Ukrainian cinema. It depicts the Poltava region culture: rich cuisine, costumes, music, and language.

You can watch the film with English subtitles: https://cutt.ly/2J6MSPw

or without subtitles: https://cutt.ly/3J60FzE

4. Іва́н Си́ла (2013)

Strong Ivan

Ivan Firtsak from the Transcarpathian village Bilky was called the strongest man of the 20th century. He fought a bull with his bare hands in Spain and brought it to the restaurant; he could move a wooden hut and bent bars to escape prison.

Being the world’s most famous sportsman, he returned to his village under Soviet rule…

The film is based on the Oleksandr Havrosh novel Unbelievable Adventures of Ivan Syla – the Strongest Man in the World.

You can watch the movie here: https://cutt.ly/DKqq1ed

5. Кі́борги (2017)


Five brothers in arms are very different and very similar simultaneously. The five men represent various social strata, professions, and beliefs. These ordinary men in an inhuman situation defend an airport in Donetsk from the Russian occupation.

This film is a 2017 Ukrainian war drama film about the Second Battle of Donetsk Airport (September 2014) during the war in Donbas.

You can watch the movie here: https://cutt.ly/9Kqi36x

6. Чо́рний во́рон (2019)

The Black Raven

The movie depicts the events of the Ukrainian War for Independence from the Bolsheviks in the area of Kholodnyi Yar (Cherkasy region).

The main character’s nickname is Black Raven; he is an ottoman of the Kholodnyi Yar rebellion organization and became a legend.

You can watch the movie here: https://cutt.ly/ZKqtYrw

7. Гуцу́лка Ксе́ня (2019)

Hutsulka Ksenia

Finally, a Ukrainian movie to relax to. Beautiful scenes, costumes, picturesque landscapes, talented actors and brilliant musical accompaniment.

Hutsulka Ksenia is a 2019 Ukrainian musical film directed by Olena Demyanenko, based on the operetta of the same name.

To watch the musical here: https://cutt.ly/iKqfb1N

8. Мої думки тихі (2019)

My Thoughts Are Silent

Young sound engineer Vadim gets an important task – recording Transcarpathian animals’ voices. But it won’t be easy to do because his only companion in his job will be his mother, who wants to have a short vacation with a son.

The comedy-drama film My thoughts are Silent by director Antonio Lukich won the Special Jury Prize during the East of West section of the 54th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

To watch the film with English subtitles: https://cutt.ly/nKqkzoI

9. Стоп – Земля (2021)

Stop – Zemlia

An introverted high-school girl Masha sees herself as an outsider until she starts hanging around with Yana and Senia, who share her non-conformist status. While she is trying to navigate through an intense time of adolescence, Masha falls in love for the first time.

Take a quick pick at the life of the Ukrainian teenagers with the film directed by Kateryna Gornostai.

The film with English subtitles: https://cutt.ly/jKqzBeH

10. YouTube channel Ukrainer

As a bonus, we want to share the YouTube channel about Ukrainian life.

The professional group create quality content about different regions’ life, local people’s stories, touristic video guides, and interviews with celebrities.

Amazing channel to practice your Ukrainian. All videos have English subtitles.


Now you can chose the movies to enjoy and study Ukrainian language.

Let us know at the comments what was your favourite movie!

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  1. gianna June 17, 2022

    “Ті́ні забу́тих пре́дків” is such a great movie and my favorite. You should also add even older movies like “Земля” directed by Dovzhenko. It’s a 30s movie and, even though is a silent movie is amazing or “Совість” by Denisenko which is also truly amazing and can be found on YouTube. Can’t wait to watch the other movies in this list

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